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DGA February 22 Ebrief has been published! - 9 Feb 2022

In this edition, we have 4 articles, the first provided by Karen Wenham, our newly appointed Director of Programming Services for our Asia -Pacific region based in DGA's Melbourne office. Karen's article looks at the long-term effects of Covid on the construction market in Australia. In response to the interest in Lee Mallek's 'What is concurrent delay?' in the last Ebrief, he carries on with Part 2, focusing on the application of analysis in concurrent delay cases. Jacob Roderick uses his knowledge of the Australian and UK jurisdictions to provide insight and comparison into how each region approaches the adjudication process.

Our guest author for this edition is Linda Holland, partner at Eakin McCaffery Cox in their Sydney office. Linda looks at how contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers should view and allocate monies received under Australia's Security of Payments process.

On a more indirect front, I personally see 2022 as a period of returning opportunities for face-to-face training seminars, whether that be breakfast sessions, or more structured bespoke in-house or public sessions focused on professional development and / or matters currently affecting how we resolve matters of dispute on projects. Full details of what DGA can offer in this respect are provided at the end of this publication.

If you would like to discuss any of the featured topics, DGA training services or indeed any related matter, please feel free to contact us.

Jim Bourke

DGA Group Managing Director

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