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DGA Ebrief December 2023 - 6 Dec 2023

Welcome to the pre-festive period edition of our EBrief publication, which is the fourth such publication this calendar year. I do hope you get the chance to read it while juggling the season’s festivities with end of year deadlines. Thank you to Scott Milner and Amy Telling, who are both instrumental in pulling together and presenting the content, ensuring a professional publication every time.

This edition contains some interesting articles from authors with a full range of experience, from one of our newest staff members in Melbourne presenting a review on the effectiveness of adjudication across Australia to our lawyer guest authors from Eldan Law, Singapore, penning their article on the developments in Construction Law seen in Singapore during 2023.

Simon Edney returns with Part 2 of his look into how Change should be valued under the JCT SBC 2016 (without quantities). To refresh yourselves with Part 1, please click here. Alex Edwards and Ellen Wong have used their commercial and delay expertise to contribute their articles on formal disputes.

I start this Ebrief edition with a short overview of DGA’s main markets of the UK, SE Asia and Australia. With the UK and Australia forecasting turbulent times ahead, Singapore has reported signs of a boost to construction associated with manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, and clean energy infrastructure, seemingly benefiting from funds arising from key pieces of legislation passed in 2021 and 2022. As always, the worldwide construction industry faces its cyclical challenges, despite which we all continue to enjoy our respective involvement in an exciting and ever-developing industry. This is something to remember as we move into the New Year.

If you would like to discuss any of the featured topics, the wider DGA training services detailed at the end of the E-Brief, or indeed, any related matter, please feel free to contact any of our office representatives.

I hope you enjoy reading our latest E-Brief and the forthcoming festive period.

To read the full Ebrief please click here.